Voice Search: The New Revolution in SEO

Voice Search: The New Revolution in SEO

World and humanity both are changing continuously and adapting to new technologies. Search engine optimization is one of the techniques that help to gain competitive advantages in the digital world. The inventor continues to improve the quality of search through advanced tools. Recently they developed a system called voice search, the easiest way to search things. 

What Is “ Voice Search ”?

Voice search is the tool that helps people to search through speak-enabled devices. The technology is almost used by different apps, phones, and websites. Speech-enabled devices help the user to find the information without using their finger. It is one of the suitable methods of searching when one is not able to type words. Few examples explain why this method is more used nowadays. It helps the people who are driving and not able to type, they can enable the speech search for roadmaps. Search engine optimization shows that exploration through voice assistants increases day by day.


The revolution of voice search started in 2010 when IBM introduced its speech recognition device. After the year 2011, a new era of search tools started with a boom. Google introduced voice-enabled devices followed by Apple and many more. Google added a speech recognition device called google assistant in google search similarly apple introduced Siri, Microsoft “Cortana”, Samsung “Bixby”, Amazon “Alexa”.

Benefits Of “Voice Search”

Ability To Provide Quick Response To All Query 

Voice search is faster than the traditional searching method. It serves as a quick reply to all the questions asked by potential customers. Users found a speech recognition method of exploring is to speed up the process and save time. Most of the devices now allow voice search for immediate results. Customers no longer wait for loading the pages and slow replies. The user now enjoys the speak-enabled services for better response and stick to the sites and apps.  

Multilingual In Nature

This technology can serve more than 30 languages. Google Assistant understands and speaks multiple languages. This why voice search provides better services as users can speak the languages they know or want. They get a response without any barrier of communication.

Voice Is Natural Way Of Communication

We all generally communicated through speaking. This is the easiest way to understand the communication between humans. It is also true for communication between user and device as it is an easy method to explore any information that is required by the user. Day by day users prefer this technology and improve the rate of success.

Importance Voice Search In Mobile App

Voice-enabled serves better integration to customers through phone apps. It helps to search for things simultaneously in a short time. It provides a variety of options to users and enables them to describe the thing through the speech without any long written paragraph. Effective in build voice command searches in device help the company to win the trust of the customer

Limitation Of “Voice Search”

Despite having many advantages, voice search also has some disadvantages. Few of them are given below:


 The main limitation of voice recognition software is that it can’t always interpret the word right. Sometimes software does not put the words as it is the user speaks. The program is not able to interpret the language of the user, this creates errors and serves poor results of searches. Voice-enabled systems decode the word meaning due to misinterpretation. Due to lack of accuracy users are not able to use the search tools and prefer to search with type.   

Background noise

Another major problem of voice search is it needs a quiet environment. One can use this searching method only when there is no background noise as the software is not able to differentiate the speech and noise. You can not use this tool for exploring when you are in a crowded area because it can mix up sound with others and provide an error in results.  

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

We all understand that voice search is a new revolution in search engine optimization. From all the surveys and logical statistics, we can say that all the age groups used these techniques for searching information, for calling someone, for direction, and many other different activities. Uses of sound assistants increase day by day and has become a vital part of human life. Implementing more strategies makes it ready for voice search optimization. 

Fastest speed

Nowadays speed matters the most and this service provides the fastest speed in search results. Good in build voice assistant of a website increases the rank of the site 

Engaged with local SEO

It has the ability to take your business to the next level as most local businesses have the phone number, location is listed with SEO but when you use the voice search, you are easily available for your customer as voice recognition is a trending search method. The above the technique helps to increase the ranking in search pages and optimize your business.

Google featured snippets

Most of the voice searches come from google featured snippets. Results show snippets have a huge impact on voice assistants and have the power to provide 30 word long answers. make sure you have featured snippets for visible recognition apps.

User intent content 

The most important factor for voice search optimization is content that must be according to user requirements. You need to understand the query of the user and what they are looking for. Build your content according to the needs of the user and ensure that your voice assistant is able to satisfy the needs of customers. The maximum number of speech recognition searches are in the form of question answers so make sure that your content contains the answer shortly and effectively.

Why Your Business Needs Voice Search Optimization Services

Voice search will become the future trend and improve SEO technology. It becomes popular day by day and enhances the search optimization process. It has become the fastest-growing technology and continues to help people to search through voice recognition systems. Statistics show more adults use voice search for the best search results. It is the right time for organizations to optimize their business and prepare for the future revolution.

Organizations need to update their business for voice search as it helps the company to gain a higher rank. Implementation of VEO in their brand helps to generate more traffic for their website. VEO strategy helps the company to discover a wide range of opportunities for sales. Through a good voice-enabled system they are able to serve a better user experience and generate maximum organic customers. For VEO services you need a proper digital marketing professional.    

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