Best Guidance to Submit a sitemap of a website to google 2021

Best Guidance to Submit a sitemap of a website to google 2021

Generate and submit a sitemap of a website in webmaster is very important, this technique helps your website getting faster indexing and increase the probability to rank high faster in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). In this article, you will get to know how can create and submit a sitemap of a WordPress website in the google search console. There is another webmaster is available for their respective search engine like Bing, Yandex, etc. 

What is Sitemap? Why it is neccessary?

The sitemap is an XML file that is understandable for Search Engine Crawlers. This XML file is the structure of the website. The structure of the website means web pages of the website including images with alt text, graphical visual representation, and other information too. 

This is necessary because of faster indexing. The submitted sitemap tells the Search Engine when the update of the web page and this will helps crawlers to crawl it and index it. One of the most important things is, using webmaster you can block your web page to not crawl and index and you have the chance to remove your indexed web page or website by using this technique.

Create and Submit a sitemap of a WordPress website to Google Search Console:

So here, we are going to define step by step how to create and submit a sitemap of the website.

Create or Generate Sitemap:

Now follow the step and create a sitemap for the website. 

  • Log in to your WordPress account, if you are using Yoast SEO then okay, otherwise install Yoast SEO plug in.
  • Go to “plugins>” Add new”>search “Yoast SEO”>Install and Activate.
  • The second step is to use the sitemap option. For this,
    Go to “SEO”>” General”>” Features”>” Sitemap “ON”.
xml on
  •  Now you can see your sitemap that is “yourdomain/sitemap_index.xml”. Just copy it.
Check XML sitemap-2
copy 3

You can use sitemap generator tools or software, but this technique is easier if you are using a WordPress website.

Submit sitemap:

 Now follow the step to reach your desired goal. If you are not open your account on the Google search console then do all the steps.

  • Search Google Search Console on Google and open it.
  • Enter your Domain or URL prefix and hit continue.
  • A verification box will appear, crawl down and choose HTML Tag and copy that code start with a meta tag.
  • Now come to WordPress account and do the below step,
    “SEO”>” General”>” Webmaster Tool” and paste that code to google verification field box> Click “Save Changes”.


  • Check the verification is done or not,
  • Go to Google Search Console> Select your Domain which is Top Left>Click Settings> Click on Ownership verification and you will see the status. If that is negative then click below the HTML tag option and check the verification code.
verification sitemap
  • After verification, you need to copy your sitemap_index.xml which is mentioned in the creation of the sitemap part.
  • Go to Google Search Console and select your domain,
  • Click on Sitemap Option> Yo will see Add a new sitemap and paste sitemap_index.xml part in the desired field> Click Submit.
copy 3
submit a sitemap
  • You can remove your sitemap from there also.
  • Using Search Console you can check that your new web page is indexed or not and also you can use the “request indexing” option.

Readers will easily understand how to create and submit a sitemap of a WordPress website in Google Search Console. Most Digital Marketing Companies always do this technique for the new website for faster indexing and higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.

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