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Native App development vs Hybrid App development | Which one is best?

Nowadays a most common question that arises in our mind while developing a mobile application that is, which one is the best- native app development or hybrid app development. In this competitive market scenario, most of the companies are deciding to develop a mobile application for their business growth. So organizations should decide which will be the best and affordable App Development Agencies for their business because both the development technique has a different approach. In this article, we will try to remove the confusion and compare both development approaches and you will definitely get a brief idea of which approach is suited for your business.

About the Native App development:

Here we are going to discuss The native app, its advantages, and disadvantages of the application.

What is a Native app?

Native app development is a  development approach that is developed for specific devices and OS. Two OS are most preferable for works, which are Apple iOS and Android. Developing a Native app requires a software development kit (SDK) for a certain software framework and operating system. Like making an android app, JDK is required, for iOS, need swift or iOS SDK. It needs to be installed through the app store like Google Play or Apple’s app store. For native app developers, there is only require specific mobile app development platform, for example using JAVA developers code android app and using swift they code IoS app.

Advantages’ of Native app development:

  • When it comes to the user experience, native app performance is the fastest and more reliable.
  • It supports online and offline operations.
  • It is developed for specific mobile devices and os, so it offers a wide range of functionalities.
  • It can interact with all of the devices through the microphone, camera, etc.
  • It offers a great user interface with great security services.
  • Push notification function is enabled in this development approach to notify the users of updates.

Disadvantages’ of Native app development:

  • It’s development approaches is different for mobile device and os, so developing for android and ios development it takes more time for a different approach.
  • For its different approaches, it will require different developers and development techniques for developing Android and ios mobile app development, so development cost definitely high.
  • The application update process also takes more time because of different development approaches and platforms.

About the Hybrid App development :

Here we are going to discuss on Hybrid app, advantages and disadvantages’ of the application.

What is a Hybrid app?

Hybrid app development is a development approach which the combination of both the native app and web app. It needs to be installed from the app store and it has also a web view. It acts as both a native app and a web app. The hybrid app is developed using web technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The hybrid app is primarily based on the web app.

Advantages’ of Hybrid app development:

  • A major advantage of hybrid app development is it is a single code-based development approach for multiple platforms, so it takes a lower time than the native app to develop.
  • It can work the same for the android and ios platforms.
  • App maintenance is easy and takes low time because of its single code based development approach for multiple platforms.
  • It is a cost-effective development approach because the same development team can develop and maintain the application and it can achieve the same hardware-based work performance as a native app.

Disadvantages’ of Hybrid app development:

  • A major drawback of a hybrid app is, its work performance is slower than a native app because it depends on the device’s browser.
  • It is similar to the web app, so it will require an uninterrupted network connection.
  • For high graphics resolution work, the hybrid app does not meet the goal that the native app can.

So here we have discussed the comparison of native app development and hybrid app development. The organization can easily understand which development approach is suited for their business and they can approach with app development service provider with confidence. 

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