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Responsive Web Design : Definition and Approaches

Nowadays, without a Responsive web design, online business is incomplete. Just only making a website for PC is not a good idea in this competitive market. peoples using various devices for searching for their relevant products or content. So mobile-friendly websites can make a business’s online presence greater and boost up the traffic.

What is responsive web design ?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a design approach that makes web pages device friendly, in other words, web pages render well on a variety of screen sizes of the device that is desktop, iPhone, tab, mobile, etc.  As the users switch from their PC to mobile or tab, the website’s view automatically shifts to the respective device’s environment that is resolution, screen size. The responsive website technology automatically responds to the device’s environment and there is no need to make the same website for different devices.

Why responsive web design so important ?

Nowadays people have different types of devices, so users search their relevant content to search engines through various devices. So the website should be viewable on various devices. That is why responsive web design is required. A responsive website can gain more traffic because some analysis and research suggest that mobile devices generated approximately half of the web traffic worldwide.  Besides, Google has announced the mobile-friendly website will get priority in the search engine result page (SERP) and Google search algorithm.

What are the advantages of responsive website design ?

Advantages of responsive web design key points are cost-effectiveness, flexibility, user experiences, search engine optimization gain, ease of management.

Cost-effectiveness- Maintaining more than one website for different devices is expensive and time-consuming. So a responsive website is automatically responding to different devices and maintenance costs and time are low.

Flexibility- Responsive website is flexible to maintenance. Developers do not need to worry when they make some changes to the website, automatically it will be updated for other devices.

User experiences- User feedback is important for every business. When it comes to online presence, the website should be great for every device in other words It should be responsive website design. Because website visitors all-time don’t use desktop or laptop, they may come from tab or mobile, so if the website is not mobile-friendly website then it makes a bad impression to the viewers. So for better user experiences website should be responsive and It will make more traffic for the website.

Search engine optimization gain- In 2015, Google has announced responsive website design will get priority in the search engine result page (SERP) and Google search algorithm. Many organizations do search engine optimization or SEO for their website to get a higher rank in the SERP. So as for Google, a mobile-friendly website will get priority and rank high in the SERP and get more traffic.

Ease of management- Responsive web design can help online presence for every device. Easily can analyze web traffic and sharing the link on social media without worry about the user’s device. So a mobile-friendly website can improve the business as well as maintenance time.

How Responsive website Works :

An important part of developing responsive website design is cascading style sheet (CSS). Using CSS, various styles can be set that is screen size, resolution, and other characteristics depending on the user’s device. Three major principles of a responsive website are Fluid grid, Fluid images, Media queries. These techniques are maintaining the website’s size and other properties to a variety of devices. For checking how responsive is a website in google chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the developer tool, thereafter press Ctrl + Shift + m to open the device toolbar. Now viewers can see their web page mobile, tablet, or other device’s perspective.

Responsive web design vs mobile app :

This is one of the important differences. Responsive web design is a technique that can make a website flexible and viewable for various devices. On the other side, the mobile app is only to develop a specific operating system (android, ios, etc.).

A responsive website can get traffic from various websites and clickable for various devices and don’t need to install on the device, on the other side mobile app need to install on the device to use.

Developing technique is different for both.

Responsive Website Examples :

A very common question is what is responsive website design. Some examples of responsive websites are below.

QuantaGeeks Technologies

A leading web development company, providing website design and development, app development, and SEO. This website basically a business-oriented website that provides web solution service. Although It is a responsive website, it is viewable from various devices and also providing a responsive web design solution. This mobile-friendly website is the key point in getting more traffic and boost up their business.


One of the great responsive websites is Slack. This website is for messaging and communicating. This mobile-friendly website is great for office work as well as educational purposes. Users can connect anywhere from the various devices because of its great responsive web design through the internet.

Swiss air

A great responsive website. This is an airline website, providing airline service as well as travel-related service also. This mobile-friendly website is great for users who are traveling by air. Users can connect anywhere with this website and their service from various devices.


One of the cloud storage responsive website example is. Dropbox offering free and paid storage services. This mobile-friendly website is great to use on various devices. Its responsive web design is great to use and attract users more.

Conclusion :

Now we are coming to a competitive era where without an online presence businesses cannot be grown. Technologies are developing day by day. Responsive web design is one of them. Reaching more people through the internet is important and a mobile-friendly website can make it easier. Above we have discussed the basic fundamentals of a responsive website, How can it boost up the business and gaining traffic. Although users are not only depending on PC, They are using varieties of devices to search their relevant product or content.

Author: Sumit Haldar

Editor : Subrata Bhadra

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